Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our Sabbath Day in the Mission

It's not everyday that one would take an airplane to church, but that's what we did today.  We attended the San Pedro Branch on the Ambergris Caye.  We got up early to catch our 15-minute flight.  Had we taken the hour and a half ferry, we would've been late to church!  
Our first small plane flight!

 We were happy to arrive safe and sound.
 We looked at the beach on the way to the chapel.
 The outside of a resort on the street, not a real Mayan ruin!
As we walked from the airport to church with Elder and Sister Adams, we met a member, also on his way.
After a 15 minute walk, we arrived at the San Pedro Church Building.
The missionaries on San Pedro teach the locals in humble circumstances, surrounded by the large resort community on the island. After church, we were happy to accompany them and join in a couple of lessons.
We were glad to return safely to Belize City and this beautiful sunset.  
On Saturday afternoon, we were in Corozal, the most northern town of Belize, and joined the sister missionaries  in teaching the Gospel message to several families.
Saturday morning, on the way to a branch service project, the branch president (right) introduced us to one of his neighbors, a retired fisherman. Notice the conch shells embedded in concrete on the fence behind us.
The neighbor shared some lobster that he caught with us after Sister Magnusson told him she'd never tried lobster.


  1. Very interesting!! thank you for the pictures. Looks like a beautiful country.

  2. Thanks for sharing again!! How nice you could go out with younger missionaries to visit folks. Lobsters in Belize are caught differently than lobsters in Maine and they look different, too, but if you like lobster, they both taste yummy! (I wonder sometimes, who ever thought to eat the first lobster....they don't look like they would be very yummy!) CARRY ON!! Love, the Alicos

  3. Looks like you are having an adventure!!