Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another Full Week in the Mission Field

Last Monday night we visited this couple from Belize City. It was great to hear firsthand their experience of being sealed in the temple the previously Saturday. 
We have the great privilege to attend the weekly missionary district meetings. This past training was on teaching by the Spirit.  See D&C 42:14 
As we drove up to our home the other day, we were greeted by our neighbor.  I was surprised by how big he was.

On Saturday morning Sister Adams, Sister Flake, and I stop by the local Belize City hospital to deliver newborn baby kits that were made by a group of Relief Society sisters from Guatemala.

I have been involved in making these newborn kits many times in the United States and didn't think much about the activity in the past. As we visited these new mothers in the hospital, my heart was touched as I saw first hand how they were gratefully received. An added blessing was being able to give a kit to a baby boy that was born on the same day as my own grandson (Renee and Dave's baby) in a Salt Lake City hospital far away from Belize.  It was a gift for me to see the Belizean baby and think of Renee and Dave's baby born on the same day, July 20, both weighing 8 lbs.
On Saturday the 14-18 year olds of from Belize gathered for the graduation from seminary exercises, followed by a dinner and dance. 150 youth attended from all over the country.  Eight youth arrived by boat and many other youth came by bus.

This is the hall decorated for the event by the Belize City youth before everyone arrived.
 A great BBQ chicken meal was had by all in attendance
President and Sister Adams (the El Salvador San Salvador/West Belize Mission President) attended and Pres. Adams spoke along with several other church leaders from the region.  All the speakers gave a wonderful messages to the youth.
It's inspiring to work with two other senior couples in Belize. Elder and Sister Adams (not to be confused with President and Sis. Adams) direct the seminaries and institutes for the country.

It was fun to watch the Adams lead out with a little swing dancing to inspire the youth to start dancing.

I enjoyed talking to this fellow seminary teacher who home school's her own 4 children in seminary.  Her youngest son is getting a head start as he sits in with his older brothers and sister.
Elder Magnusson did an excellent job driving the big 16 passenger stick shift van to help the San Pedro youth and leaders return to the boat taxi when the event was over.
Today we drove for  65 minutes  to visit the Orange Walk Branch and speak in their Sacrament meeting.  As we passed this river on the way, Elder Magnusson mentioned that the river looks right out of Disneyland's Jungle Cruise ride.
Sixteen years since his baptism, this faithful member serves in the branch presidency, and keeps his store closed on the Sabbath Day. He speaks boldly how he's been blessed by keeping God's commandments.  

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  1. Wow, what a week!! What a "Tender Mercy" to deliver the baby kits to the hospital on the day your daughter gave birth! (Yes, tears came to my eyes.) In San Ignacio behind the largest hotel is an iguana farm/habitat which will explain how the sex of an iguana is influenced by the temperature of the fertilized egg! Driving that van is quite an experience!! It was so sweet to see pictures of members we grew to love! Thanks for sharing. If the chance comes along, please tell them we send our love! HAPPY PIONEER DAY!! Love, The Alicos