Sunday, July 16, 2017

Our First Week in Belize

On Monday, after an early 6 a.m. flight from Salt Lake City, change of planes in Dallas, we were happy to make it to Belize!  
We were picked up from the airport by the two other senior missionary couples serving in Belize - Elder and Sister Flake, from Hobble Creek Canyon, UT, and Elder and Sister Adams, from Farmington, UT.  It was great to see their smiling faces as we emerged from Customs.  
On Tuesday, we attended a day-long training meeting, via Skype from El Salvador, with the zone leaders serving in Belize City and the sister training leaders serving in Belmopan.
On Thursday, we had attended a another meeting for district leaders, also via Skype.

Throughout the week we were able to tour much of the country of Belize to the north and west, seeing the chapels for the 12 branches, and meeting some of the missionaries and members, and enjoying beautiful countryside.

I learned that when you buy a whole chicken from the grocery store in Belize they mean the whole chicken, including the feet!
I was happy when I was able to cook my first home-cooked meal in Belize.  Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised to learn that it was......chicken and rice!  Note the bottled drinking water.
 This is our house in Belize City. We live on the upper story.
 Our mission vehicle is a diesel 4-door pickup truck.
We are thrilled to be here in Belize. The people are wonderful-- sweet, friendly, kind and very helpful.  At church today, we met Saints who have strong testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who address challenges in their lives with faith.  A group of Belizean Saints just returned last night from an 11-hour bus ride to the Mérida México Temple where a Belize City Branch couple was sealed.  

To learn more about our temples watch the video below.  To learn about temple sealings, watch the video from 7:21-9:40
You can also see the video by clicking here.   


  1. WOW.....visiting 12 chapels in the first week, knowing that you also spent 1 day traveling to the country, and 2 days on Skype will get to know where all the speed bumps are very quickly! The 3rd Chapel doesn't look familiar, so maybe it was built after we left, or maybe I am just not remembering it because it is a picture from a different angle? You will love going to the Temple with members, even though the trips will take longer than you are used to! CARRY ON!!! Sending our love to you and the Saints in Belize. Love, the Alicos

  2. Lots of love from Duarte! So glad you arrived and are enjoying the change of scenery!
    Love Shauna Pierce