Friday, July 14, 2017

Our Job for the Next Two Years.... "simply to lift and build others."

After our first day in Belize and being totally overwhelmed I could relate to Sister's Eubank's feelings with her new assignment as counselor in the General Relief Society presidency.
...“I remember the moment when I was called to serve as a counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency in addition to my job as head of LDS Charities. My head exploded. My brain shut down. The phrase that kept running through my head was 'How am I going to do that?’...

...“One day I was cleaning out a drawer and found this note from a Relief Society board meeting with Sister Julie Beck. It says: “‘When you are with people, remember they are each filled with troubles. … Bring comfort from the Spirit. Don’t bring new programs or duties. People need lifting.

“‘Remember to keep your own kingdom intact. This is your first stewardship—mother and father, brothers and sisters, children, husband, friends. These are eternal and they are given to you first.

“‘When you can’t give more, when you’ve gone beyond your ability to give, then sit still. Call on the Holy Ghost and angels to come to you. Be still and get full.’

“I knew this was the answer... I didn’t have to quote the handbook and dress up every day in pearls. My job in Relief Society was simply to lift and build others. My family was still my most important stewardship, and I had to make sure it didn’t fall by the wayside. And finally, if I was too tired and couldn’t see a way to juggle everything, I could call upon the Holy Ghost and angels to help me. The Lord would open a path or show me what not to do. He has done just that for me, as He will for all who seek His help.”—Sharon Eubank

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